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I’m a stepmother, AKA “StairMudda” and this is my lifestyle inspired label.

I’m passionate about living life to the fullest through adventure and health and am committed to being the best role model I can for my step children and most of all, the greatest support for my husband.  In life I somehow always seem to find myself on the road less travelled.  I’ve learnt to be okay with it knowing that life has a plan for us if we stay true to our purpose. The future is always exciting.

You’ll notice I love hot pink and black! For me, black signifies strength and a solid foundation for independence; and through in a little mystery and fear of the unknown just for good measure. As for the hot pink…well, I was never a pink girl growing up but now I find it reminds me to have fun and not take life so seriously, it’s inspiring, encourages compassion and is my choice for the colour of love.

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StairMudda - Jo Rodway

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